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Elastic Wristband Bracelet

Elastic Wristband Bracelet

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These bracelets make great presents for parties, birthdays, and holidays! With tons of styles to choose from, you will have no problem finding your favorite.

Durable & Comfortable: Designed for everyday wear, the wristband is both stylish and sturdy, perfect for all-day comfort.

One size fits all - not too loose, not too tight.

Wear one bracelet on each limb, stack them all on one wrist, or you could always share with a friend. One things for certain, these will keep your wrist dazzling and add that extra oomph to your secret handshakes!

You can feel even better about your purchases knowing that proceeds go to support our partners: Loggerhead Marinelife Center & AccesSurf Hawaii. Loggerhead is dedicated to the rehabilitation and protection of endangered sea turtles. AccesSurf has a mission to build “an inclusive community that empowers people with disabilities through accessible beach and water programs”.

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