About Charming Shark

Over 30 years in the making

Starting in 1984, our team has continued to provide a well-renowned level of service and energy that has upheld the same values since day one. We are known as the most recognized wholesale jewelry company in the surf industry. Shop from us and let us show you the very best!

Our Mission

At Charming Shark, our mission is to provide our customers with the best and most diverse collection in the jewelry industry. We achieve this by maintaining our prestigious brand reputation and quality of products for each client.  Charming Shark prides itself on being the first company in the US to hire the mentally challenged. We continue our support for the mentally challenged through our donations to Access Surf, a charity organization that provides programs for people with disabilities. 

Message From The Owner

We remain committed in our effort to provide the best, most innovative products on the market. Our passion and energy for the Charming Shark brand will continue to make us the most recognizable name in our industry.


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