Pumping Waves during Pumpkin Season: Why Fall is the Best Time to Surf

Pumping Waves during Pumpkin Season: Why Fall is the Best Time to Surf

While summer break may be over, the surf break is just getting started.  With shorter lines and even less crowed line-ups, the fall season has consistently produced solid waves and memories for surfers not ready to trade in their short boards for shorter days. Trust me, I’m all for a late sunset session in high summer but there’s something about a brisk fall morning on the beach  …you know the one where the sky seems fuller and the clouds sit slightly lower, almost as if to offer a blanket to the crisp sand that feels earthier now that the crowds have left. A brief intermission between the summer heat and winter snow, there’s a million reasons why fall is arguably the best season when it comes to surfing.


AUTUMNatically Less Crowds

Did we mention there’s less crowds…? High season brings higher temps, packed parking and crowded beaches. Come fall, the crowds have dropped along with the temperature offering a playground for surfers looking to get the best bit. So, while the crowds replace high tide with hayrides, you can pick your waves while they’re out picking pumpkins. Even better, no more permit police so you can lay out without worrying about getting kicked out for not having a beach pass.  (Ah what a time to be alive)


Water You Waiting For?

No need to break out the neoprene just yet. The hot sun has been warming the ocean up for months with autumn offering some of the warmest water temps for surfers to enjoy all season. Like a big hug, warmer waters act like a cozy shield against the brisk air…well that is until you have to get out. So Pro Tip: bring a big blanket you can cuddle up in after coming in from the last set. Remember, we’re here to catch waves, not colds.


Wave Hello to Autumn Swells

Offshore winds tend to accompany off-peak season thanks to some tropical storms and nor’easters that just this month have had East Coasters claiming this season has seen some of the best waves in 15 years. And it’s not just the United States that sees epic swells post August. The World Surf League hosts two events in Europe during fall including Portugal that welcomes bigger waves with the changing seasons.  


Cheaper Travel? No Way, Get Outta Town!

No, we’re serious…It’s cheaper to literally get out of town and take that surf trip you’ve been daydreaming about all year! With school back in session, this downtime between summer holidays and year end travel result in some awesome deals for cheap flights. So, pack a quick bag with those travel essentials and you’re off to Southern California or Southwest France. Surfs up, costs are down, and the swells are pumping. Sounds like an offshore “wind-wind” situation to me.


So, as school gets back in session, it’s time for you to get your best session during the fall season. So ditch the board meeting for those board shorts and surf the season that some claim offer them a whole new ‘leash’ on life…(or well at least surfing).


Written By: Jennifer Rothman

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