5 Essentials We Never Travel Without

5 Essentials We Never Travel Without

You’ve just checked in to your beach-front hotel, opened your suitcase, and realized....shoot, I forgot my sunscreen! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there and you’re not alone! Of course there are the typical vacation items that you double check for like your cell phone charger and toothbrush. But what about those one-off items that you kind of wish you had thought to bring? When we go on an adventure there are five essentials that we never travel without.


1. Sarong

If your goal is to pack light, then sarongs are key on a beach vacation. They can act as a light blanket or cover up, a beach towel, a beautiful summer dress, or a scarf if it gets a little chilly at night. We love that they are so versatile and come in every color or design. You can either blend in or stand out with the beach lifestyle.


2. Charming Shark Jewelry

Obviously, we don’t travel without a piece of Charming Shark! Our current favorites? The Pineapple Necklace is simple and elegant. It adds the perfect subtle touch to any outfit. And did you know that pineapples are the international symbol of hospitality? We also never go anywhere without the Shell Bracelet. The colors  coordinate with everything and it’s perfect for a day at the beach or a night on the town. On top of the jewelry being beautiful, Charming Shark gives back to the community by donating a portion of their proceeds to Access Surf.

pineapple necklace on girls neck

3. Aloe Vera Gel

Nothing feels better on sun-kissed skin then cool aloe vera gel. If you (accidentally, of course) skimped on the sunscreen aloe vera can be applied to your face and body to soothe your burn, settle irritation and rehydrate your skin.

aloe plant macro

4. Your Favorite Book

Laying on the beach with a good book sounds like perfection to us! There is not much better than relaxing in your lounge chair and getting lost in your favorite book. If you’re an avid reader or want to bring more than one book, try saving luggage space and downloading all your favorite books on to a kindle or other portable reading device.

book laying flat on the beach

5. Travel Journal

Throughout your trip take the time to sit with your journal. Write down your thoughts, feelings, and gratitude for the vents throughout the day. Having trouble thinking about what to write? Think about what you’ll want to remember about your trip if you were to read your journal five, ten, or twenty years from now.

blank journal shown on wooden table

Now that we have our five essential travel items we’re ready to hop on a plane, head to the beach, and hit the waves.

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Written By: Molly Reed

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