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Why You Should Consider Traveling Solo

Thinking of taking a trip you’ve always wanted, but tired of waiting around for someone to go with you? Or perhaps the trip you’re dreaming of is one that you’ve always wanted to take on your own. Whether you’re dreaming of a solo yoga retreat, or an adventure getaway, there is no time like the present.

Solo traveling can be a life-changing experience and we’re breaking down a few of the reasons why you should absolutely take the solo plunge. You never know – this could be your favorite adventure yet!


You have complete freedom: When traveling solo, you have the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. Maybe you scheduled your day’s activities in advance, but suddenly you decide you’d like to sit in a café and read for a while, or spend the afternoon hiking (or taking a nap!) when you thought you would be visiting a museum. You can! This trip is for you, so embrace every minute and do whatever you feel like at that moment.


You’ll meet new people: You’re more likely to meet new people when you’re on your own. Strike up a conversation with the bartender or person next to you at the restaurant or hang out in the common area at your hostel. You’ll meet new people that share similar interests while you’re doing something you love, too, so don’t be afraid to chat with someone you meet on your morning run, at the coffee shop, or out admiring the sunset.


You’ll gain confidence in yourself: Being solo can be intimidating but you’ll also learn how incredibly capable you are. It will be entirely up to you figure out where you need to go, how to get to the airport, or what to do if something doesn’t go to plan. You’ll be surprised how capable and adaptable you are. You got this!

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You’ll have time to reflect: No matter how outgoing you may be, there will always be times when you are alone. Embrace those moments and take the time for self-care and self-reflection. What does your body / soul / mind need? Listen to your heart and above all, make sure that whatever you’re doing is making you happy! 


You will bring the Aloha spirit with you: No matter where you go and how different the scenery or the people may be from “home,” always remember to bring the Aloha spirit with you in love, compassion and kindness to yourself and others. Bring a few mementos of home on your trip so you feel comfortable wherever you are, whether that’s a beloved sweatshirt, or a piece of jewelry or wrap bracelet that you can wear to remind yourself of home.

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Whether you’re a solo trip newbie or a seasoned veteran, we want to hear about your experiences! Where have you gone solo and what advice would you give to anyone taking a solo trip for the first time?


Written by: Jessica Vogl


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