Ways to Explore California’s Coast

Ways to Explore California’s Coast

California has so much to offer, and there is a lot of different places to see. Along the coast of the golden state, there are beautiful beaches, great surfing destinations, and multiple ways to plan a trip that encompasses all that California has to offer. So, here are a few ways that you can explore California’s Coast.


Dolphin Watching in Oceanside

Going down to Oceanside is a great place to start. With a great town to walk around in with many restaurants and local shops to mosey through, you can have a great time in a wonderful beach town. This city also offers a chance to view sea life up close with dolphin watching boat trips. These boats take you out onto the waters to search for different breeds of dolphins and allow you to see them swim and jump through the air right next to the boat. This is an experience that you don’t want to miss. Plus, you can show off your hand-carved dolphin necklace and match the view!


Visiting Ventura 

This beachside city is just Northwest of Los Angeles with amazing beaches and great surfing spots. At Surfer’s Point, you can catch some waves while surfing or windsurfing and then settle down for lunch or dinner at one of Seaside Park’s picnic tables to relax and enjoy the view. Or, you can choose to go to San Buenaventura State Beach and walk along the wooden Ventura Pier. You can even head to Ventura Harbor and take a boat ride to Channel Island’s National Park, which is a habitat for rare scrub jays and island foxes. 


Drive on Highway 1

This scenic highway has one of the most breathtaking views that you could see while driving. Hugging most of the Pacific coastline, this road will take you through miles and miles of roadway that allows you to look at the ocean and smell the scent of the salt water even as you travel. Stretching over 650 miles, you can take this highway up to Northern California for the most scenic road trip which leads you to your next location.


Hiking at Big Sur 

Stopping off at Big Sur will allow you to take in the sights of the central coast. With hiking trails for those who want to stop hours in the great outdoors, you can hike your way through the hills while still being able to see the ocean view. Whether you are a hiker with only a few hours of stamina, or you want to spend the whole time stomping up and down the mountains, you will enjoy the scenery that Big Sur has to offer.


Clipper Cove Beach in San Fran

This dog-friendly beach on the east side of Treasure Island allows you to enjoy the still waters with your furry friend. You will walk down a flight of wooden stairs to get to it, or you can choose to kayak there with a rental from Treasure Island Sailing Center. The winds are cut off because of the crescent-shape of the beach so you won’t be fighting against much wind. Then at night you can see the view from the local restaurants and take in the lights flickering off the water.


Whether you choose to travel along the coast and surf, hike, or just take in the local sights while getting your grub on, you won’t be disappointed when exploring California’s majestic coast.


Written by: Rachel Bonilla

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