Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in California

Best Dog-Friendly Beaches in California

Taking a nice walk on the beach and feeling the sand between your toes is lovely, but this scenario can be made even better by bringing along your furry friend. The difficulty is that not all beaches allow pets to be with you on the sand, so you have to find ones that let you bring your dog with you. Well, if you want to find the best dog-friendly beaches in California, then hit the ones on this list. You’ll ruff it!


Dog Beach, San Diego

This beach is known for its beautiful water, great waves, and the best part is that leashes are optional. This beach is a landmark of Ocean Beach and is located near the mouth of the San Diego River. Here you can walk your pup along the water, jump into the waves, or sit in the sand and enjoy the sun. Dogs run free and all breeds are welcome on this beach to enjoy the Golden Coast along with their humans, the way God intended!

Plus, if you get tired and want to grab a bite to eat and an ice-cold beer, you can take your dog down to the Belching Beaver brewery where they allow leashed animals and get both in one place.


Huntington Beach’s Dog Beach

This long stretch of coastline is fully dedicated to man’s best friend and offers one and a half miles of beach for them to explore. This area sits between Goldenwest and Seapoint street and has lots of room on the sand for the puppies to run around on, or to stay in their own area for those who just want to relax with their owner.

This beach also offers fun events for dogs and owners like the famous Surf City Surf Dog annual competition. You can come out and see dogs riding the waves and even enter your water-loving pup in the competition if they like to surf. Is there anything cuter than that? I don't think so.



This beach offers beautiful royal blue waters to both humans and dogs on this piece of coastline. With puppies, surfers, and runners all enjoying the crashing waves, you can see plenty of dog breeds there every day of the week. Wear your Flow State Stones bracelet while strolling on the beach to show your love for the sand and ocean in style.

charming shark tiger eye beaded bracelet

And when you are tired at the end of the day, you can take your pet along with you to visit the local shops and restaurants where pets are welcome. You can make a final stop at Cottage of Sweets to get something special for your pup too!


Fort Funston

Along San Francisco’s coast lies a stretch of land where dogs of all kinds are welcome to frolic in the soft sand. With quaint picnic spots and a hang-gliding destination nearby, people and their pets can play together and have splash through the water. Although the waves in this area are often too rough to swim in, the shore is a great place to lay out in the sun and play with your pup for a day of fun in the sun.


Wherever you choose to take your furry best friend along the coast, make sure to check off one of these options on our list so you can have the best experience in the sand and sun!


Written By: Rachel Bonilla

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