Beautiful Spots to Relax in California

Beautiful Spots to Relax in California

Looking to do some traveling through the state of California, but don’t want to have an itinerary full of activities filling up your day? Then finding a few lovely places to relax and chill out for the day is what you need. Whether you need a new spot that you haven’t checked out yet, or you are new to California and need some places that are easy to find, here are some of the most beautiful spots to relax in California. Don’t forget to take your Wave 5-stone choker with you and show off your love of the waves!

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Oceanside – The Strand 

This quaint area has lots of rentals and is filled with people, but always seems to have a relaxing, laid-back feel to it. You can sit your beach chairs down and layout in the sun, walk along the pier and grab a bite to eat at Ruby’s Diner – which is at the end of the pier and is the only restaurant there – or walk around the shops and restaurants just blocks away. The water is nice and cool, there is a park nearby to take your furry friends along with you, and there is even a night market every third Thursday of the month that features live music and cheap eats along the blocked streets for a nighttime farmer’s market that you won’t forget!


Treasure Island Beach

Treasure Island can be tough to find, but once you get there you will love the view, and the privacy. This beach is right down the way from Treasure Island Park, where you can usually find large groups of people, but there are never many people filling up the Treasure Island Beach during the day. If you want a quiet place to relax, read a book, or just watch the waves, then this area is one of the best. With hills surrounding the area, you will feel like you are on a private beach!


Redondo Beach at Half Moon Bay

This beach is one in Northern California that is home to the Wavecrest Open Space, which is protected by the Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST) and is made for nature lovers. This area has greenery, with little waterways running through the cracks of the peninsula so that it looks like streams and rivers flowing through it that you can walk along. Right along the beach, this area offers great views of the ocean and the Wavecrest and is an incredible place to walk along the water or take a stroll up to the resorts for good drinks and local dishes.


Carmel City Beach

At this location, you have white sand, often cloudy skies, and beautiful oceanfront properties that overlook the water. This beach can get a bit busy when the sun is out, but this area often gets gloomy, which makes for the perfect time to relax along the water. The white sand makes the water in this area of the ocean especially blue, which is great for Instagrammers and photographers alike, and also makes for a great low-key day at the beach for some rest and relaxation by the sea.


With these great beach locations to spend the day at, you can find the peace of mind that you need after a long, relaxing day at any of these amazing beaches!


Written By: Rachel Bonilla

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