Surf Life: Spring Break Waves

Surf Life: Spring Break Waves

Spring is here, and so are the waves! Make the most of your spring break by spending some quality time in the surf. Your body, and your mind, will thank you! Grab your cutest suit or your freshest set of board shorts, wax up your board, and hit the lineup!


Timing the sets!

Surfer girl looking at big wave crashing on Hawaii beach

Surfing, much like life, rewards preparation. So, take it easy this spring break. Take your time. Grab a quick bite and a warm cup of your favorite coffee before making your way to the waves. Take the time to see what the surf is doing before you paddle out. Is the tide coming in, or is it going out? Which way is the wind blowing? How are other surfers getting in and out the lineup? Take deep breaths and visualizer yourself in the surf. Feel the sand between your toes and the salt breeze in the air. Then time the sets and go for it! 


Brittany Penaroza rocking her Charming Shark surf stack as she paddles out…

Surfer girl paddling out to catch a wave to surf

Take deep, purposeful strokes as you paddle out. Always keep your eyes focused on what the waves are doing, what other surfers are doing, and where you’re heading. You’ll want to make sure you’re paddling as efficiently as you can, but don’t forget our spring break mantra, “take your time!” Take the time to enjoy the feel of the water on your skin, the spray of the ocean across your face. Deep breaths. Take it all in.


Saltwater cleanse and Brittany’s bead it bracelet = the perfect combo.

Surfer girl Brittany Penaroza wiping the salt water off her face in ocean

Congratulations! You made it out into the lineup! Sit up on your board and wipe a bit of that saltwater out of your eyes. Ocean water is a wonderful exfoliant and an excellent way to keep your skin soft and fresh. Why do you think surfers always have the best skin?! Hours and hours of frolicking in the sea is incredible for your skin. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen!


The best surfer in the water is always the one with the biggest smile, and the sharpest surf bracelets…

Surfer girl Brittany Penaroza paddling out to catch some waves

Again, take your time. The waves will always come. Enjoy each ride and each paddle back out into the lineup. Enjoy the company of your fellow surfers. Strike up a conversation! It’s always more fun to make friends with the people you’re sharing waves with. Enjoy the sunshine on your face and the sea salt in your hair. Take in all of your surroundings and enjoy your break!


March 24, 2019--by Cisco Robles

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