How to Practice Your Surf Skills at Home?

How to Practice Your Surf Skills at Home?

Can you keep your surf skills sharp while being at home? While we would all prefer to be out on the waves, sometimes this isn’t possible. Especially now, with shutdowns and occupancy limits, it can be difficult to make it out there. It’s time to get creative and explore all your options when it comes to keeping your game on point.

Step one involves simple exercises to strengthen your core. I will list a few here, but if you are interested in a more in-depth explanation, see our article here: Top Surf Conditioning Exercises

We will first list a few products that could be a fun alternative while you are planning your resurgence to the waves. Though nothing could replace the freedom of the waves, these ideas will at least help you keep your edge.


Surf at Home Idea: Get a Balance Board

There’s nothing like a balance board to strengthen your core and keep your brain honed for balance. There are many brands to choose from. The main thing is to get one and to have a regimented daily practice routine. You will find these boards to prepare your pelvic muscles and make your balance keen.

While the Indo board is a classic and is known for its quality, there are other designs. If you already have an Indo board these other options offer a different experience. Revolution is a brand that offers two other types of balance boards.

  1. Revolution Swell Surf and Paddle Board Trainer (Link to Amazon Here)
  2. Revolution Focus – This board is designed for use while standing at the office (Link to Amazon Here)



Consider Buying a Skateboard or Longboard

The parallels of surfing and skateboarding are obvious. Both require a strong core and an astute sense of balance. Though skateboarding and longboarding are certainly not the same as surfing, there is also a joy that can come from carving the cement instead of the waves. It may be a good option if you are in a densely populated area with limits on beach occupancy.

You can skateboard in your driveway. You can skateboard in your garage. You can even skateboard in your house (though it’s not advised!)

A few things to remember. Many skateboard parks have been closed for the time being. Also, especially if you are new to skateboarding, you should wear a helmet and elbow guards.

Yes, skateboarding isn’t the same as feeling the waves strike your face, but it is a great option if you want to keep your skills up at home and are finding it hard to hit the surf.


Practice Standing Up While at Home

Lifting yourself up on your board when trying to catch a wave is one of the more difficult aspects of surfing. However, thankfully it’s something that can be practiced while you are home. Here are a few ideas to get you started at home:

Take your board and set it in an open area. Practice your variations of standing up on the board. This isn’t the same as the ocean of course, but a large part in being able to stand up on your board is having the proper strength. That is what getting repetitions in at home will do for you. It will keep your core strong so you will be popping up on your board like you never took a break.

Here is a good video on YouTube showing you some techniques for practice. He goes over the basics of popping up on your board and shows you some techniques to try while at home.

Also, if you took our advice and purchased a balance board, here is a video that shows how you can use your balance board to train your ability to pop-up on a surfboard.


Continue Conditioning While at Home

Something as simple as daily pushups can help you keep an edge while away from the surf. It is amazing how different and how sturdy our bodies become when we just spend a little time conditioning our muscles and lengthening our endurance.

Pushups can be as exciting or as boring as you want them to be. The key is to focus on proper techniques before you worry about the number of reps. Ten properly performed pushups are worth more than forty crummy pushups.

Here is a video that goes over several different types of at home surf workouts. It also takes some time to explain proper pushups and their variations.

Spend some time running. Not only is this great for surfing, but running will strengthen your heart and your lungs – very important organs to keep healthy during a time of COVID-19. Because if you get sick, then you won’t be doing any surfing.

Don’t let the stay-at-home life get you down – keep at it!


The Conclusion to Practicing Your Surf Skills at Home

You don’t have to push yourself to any otherworldly limits. It can be discouraging to be thrown out of our normal lifestyles and routines.  Try to remember these principles when trying to become motivated to get something done while at home:

  1. Doing something IS BETTER than doing nothing. Even if that something feels insignificant.
  2. Baby steps can still get you a mile. It’s the person who sticks with it who makes it to the finish line. Yes, there might be people who seem way ahead, or who are getting there faster than you, but most of them will burn out. One small step at a time.
  3. Nothing lasts forever, including stay-at-home orders and beach closures. There will be rocky times, but keep on grinding, because things will change soon.

Keep at it. But also take some time for yourself to relax. Surprisingly, relaxing is not a passive thing. You must focus on it, just like you focus on conditioning.

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Written By: Gideon Zielinski

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