The Magic Behind Lava Beads

The Magic Behind Lava Beads

Lava stone comes from Earth’s core. Erupting as hot lava, it cools into a porous, dark stone with a hard, sponge-like texture. The stone is said to hold healing and grounding properties, as it comes from deep within our planet. Earth’s core holds raw energy which may also be held within lava stone.


The energy found in lava stone is strong, yet calming. It is a stone of rebirth and shedding unnecessary emotional layers. Volcanos erupt with that which is within. When the magma can no longer be contained, it explodes outward. Likewise, we as people must allow our emotions to be expressed, or we too will inevitably “explode.” At first, our emotions can come out fiery hot, but when we “cool off,” we can find ourselves at peace. The stone also lends strength and courage, helping us stay stable as life seasons change.


Lava beads are an excellent absorbent. They can “absorb” the negative energy around us, and help us channel positivity. I don’t know about you, but I am all for anything that can attract extra goodness in my life!


While lava beads absorb and help balance energy on their own, we can also use them as essential oil diffusers for even more of a boost! Just pick the oil you want, and let the stones do the work. You can grab some peppermint to help with digestion or give you an energy boost, lavender for stress relief, or something citrus, such as lemon, to boost your mood. With so many essential oils to choose from, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you!


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Written By: Erin Slay

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