How House Plants Make People Happier

How House Plants Make People Happier

When anxiety begins to overwhelm us, escaping to nature is one of the quickest and most effective ways to reground and relax. Unfortunately, going on a leisurely hike or meditating under a magnolia tree isn't always a viable option during our bustling daily grind. If you find yourself unable to retreat to nature in times of need, consider bringing nature to you instead! Studies show that having indoor plants can improve concentration and productivity by up to 15 percent, diminish stress, and boost your mood.  If you're fascinated by the soothing spirits of foliage, keep reading to find out how owning indoor plants can help people bloom.


They Stimulate Biophilia

Biophilia is a word that has been coined to describe the comforting sensation of oneness that you experience when you're outside in nature. Smelling the rain, staring up at the sky and feeling the sand between your toes are all examples of mood-boosting biophilia. This practice of grounding with the earth is known to have powerful mental and physical benefits that promote feelings of vitality and balance. Unfortunately, some people don't get the level of outdoor exposure they need; meaning they're missing out on essential psychological and physiological benefits. By incorporating biophilic elements such as live plants into your home or office, you can help yourself feel fantastic by bringing the benefits of nature to you.


They Promote Good Health

Have you ever wondered why plants are often found in hospital recovery rooms? It's not merely for their aesthetic value; although that does play a part. Plants have measurable healing properties that humanity has been harnessing since the dawn of creation. Incorporating live plants into a place has been shown to improve air quality by reducing carbon dioxide, as well as filtering out stale air and replacing it with fresh oxygen. This plant purification system is essential in today's polluted environment and can help keep you healthier; which also equates to being happier. The presence of plants is also known to help lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, improve sleep, aid creativity, reduce stress, and create a positive atmosphere.


They Add Vibrant Energy

According to feng shui, a system of laws regarding how spatial arrangements conduct the flow of energy, indoor plants are the perfect antidote for any space that needs to be livened up. Plants can help balance out artificial elements in your home, counteract negative energy, and create a more uplifting ambiance. If you have an area in your residence that is awkward or unused, try placing a potted or hanging plant on its premises. Not only will you notice an instant change in how it looks, but it will also provide your space with positive Chi.


Are you feeling inspired to incorporate some green into your routine?  Transform your home into a haven by incorporating some beginner-friendly foliage such as peace lilies, snake plants, succulents, and English ivy into your space. Already got a favorite plant? Let us know what you've got growin' on in the comments below!


Written By: Sera Ansardi

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