Five Surf DIY Projects  

Five Surf DIY Projects  

Here are five do-it-yourself surf projects if you’re feeling stuck inside. For those who are normally active, this has been a very difficult time. Whether you’re a surfer, a skateboarder, or just someone who likes to have an afternoon picnic at the beach - it’s hard being inside. 

Even with some of the lockdowns being lifted, there are still many parks and beaches that are limiting occupancy and activities. It stinks. It’s no fun. You’re at home. What is there to do? 


While your normal rhythm of life may be interrupted, there may be some things you can do to combat your boredom. And, perhaps, turn a stagnant moment in history into something fruitful. 


Simple do-it-yourself projects. There is something about them that activates all your brain's happy chemicals. The problem solving that grows your brain. The physical act of working with your hands. The cool sweat on your face. The furrow in your brow as you contemplate how to get it just right. Aching muscles at the end of the day.


And a finished product sitting in front of you. A job well done. You could take on something even harder next time! You can do it; because you did it. 

Let’s jump in. Here’s five simple surf and beach related DIY’s to get you through the coronavirus quarantine.  


Surf DIY Project: Shark Bite Mark Jacket Hanger 

Maybe you’ve had a close encounter with a shark. Maybe you haven’t. Either way, this super simple DIY will have your friends’ eye’s wide with curiosity about all your surfing escapades.

Things you might need:

  • One old or worn out surfboard you no longer use (you can also cut a surf board shape out of a large board or piece of foam)
  • A saw that can make tight turns (coping saw or jigsaw - Careful! Eye protection!)
  • Paint (your choice of color)


Start with your board. Take a permanent marker or pencil and trace the bite mark you want onto your board. Feel free to get creative with this. Was it a small shark that just took nibble out of your board? Or was it a prehistoric Megaledon that ate half your board and left you heroically rescuing your friend and swimming you both to safety? You decide.

After you’ve traced the bite mark, take your saw and slowly begin cutting along your marked line. Remember, it doesn’t have to be pretty. Sharks are wild – the bite mark can look as scraggly or as clean as you want. 

After you’ve cut out your bite mark, it’s time to make a choice: paint over the cut out area, or leave it jagged and open. It’s up to you how realistic you want it to look, and how crazy a story you want to tell.

When it comes to mounting it on the wall, this is up to you. You can either stand it up in the corner of your entry way, or you could attach brackets and use it as a jacket hanger.



Surfboard Back Lawn Chair

Has your back porch become your temporary getaway? Don’t despair. Spice it up a bit with this ocean shore project and bask in your backyard oasis.

For this project you will need an existing wooden lawn chair similar to the one shown in the picture.

If you don’t have old surfboards laying around, you can do the next best thing and trace your surfboard over a piece of plywood.

Then, cut out the board with your coping saw. After you have the shape you want, you can hone the edges with some sandpaper.

Apply your desired color of paint and allow it to dry. Once you’ve done this, you’re ready to attach your surfboard to the back of the chair. Do this with either screws, bolts, or sturdy wood glue.

While you wait to get back out in the surf, you can sunbath in your new chair. Wonderful.


Surfboard Themed Vanity with Mirror

Have you acquired some new beach gear or accessories? If you want a neat way to check out your daily drag then the Surfboard Mirror is for you!

Things you’ll need.

  1. Old surfboard or piece of plywood cut into surfboard shape
  2. Mirror (You can probably buy a mirror from a hobby shop or recycle one of your own
  3. Depending on the size of your mirror, this could be either a strong double sided tape, or a strong glue.

This one is simple. Prepare your board by cleaning and sanding it off. You want the glue or tape to hold tight. Then glue or tape the mirror into place on the side of the surfboard.

You’ll be checking out your garb with a lovely surf themed mirror.



Surfboard Coffee Table 

Did you make your surfboard lawn chair? If so, you will need this clever DIY coffee table to finish your look.

Things you will need:

  1. Old surfboard
  2. Some sort of legs. Be creative. This could be several craft crates glued to the bottom, or it could be an old coffee table and you just glue to surfboard on top
  3. Glue or screws

Once again, start off by sanding down the surface if you are going to glue your surfboard to its base. If you are going to screw it together, spend some time making sure your legs are level – you don’t want a wobble!



Surfboard Headrest For Bed

If you made all these DIY projects, you are awesome. But you will be tired. You’re going to want to look into the surfboard headrest so you can get a well deserved night of sleep. Here’s what you will need:

  1. Several old surfboards to stand up as headrest
  2. If you don’t have enough surfboards, you can paint the surfboard shapes onto the wall behind your bed
  3. Brushes to paint

Make sure you to get the measurements level and straight. Trace, paint, and you’re ready for a good night sleep.


We all have some extra time on our hands. There is no need to despair. Find things to do – get active and make things happen. Hopefully these projects will lighten up your home, and leave you excited for more.




Written By: Gideon Zielinski

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