Daily Habits for Living an Intentional Life

Daily Habits for Living an Intentional Life


Are you sick of feeling like a passive bystander in your own life? Intentional living is a philosophy that can help you better utilize your time and make sure your actions stay in alignment with your biggest and boldest dreams. Maybe you've always wanted to start a travel blog but don't have the motivation to study web design. Or perhaps you've been dreaming of making a bold, cross country move, only to find yourself still residing in your home town. Although everyone's goals might look a little different, the daily habits of intentional living are similar for everyone.


Find a purpose.

This might not be a daily practice, but you need to lay down the groundwork before you can get started. Take a moment to envision the highest version of yourself. What does she do? How does she feel? Use your imagination as a tool to awaken your deepest desires. You can't live an intentional life without first understanding what your intentions are.


Set small goals.

In order to fulfill your life's purpose, you must fall in love with the process. We all enjoy the idea of being successful, living in a beautiful house and eating tacos on the beach every day. But, if we're only attracted to the shiny aspects of our purpose, we will lack the motivation to get through all the hard stuff that might come before it. The best way to stay motivated when you're trying to pursue a long-term goal is to set smaller, short-term goals to help hold yourself accountable. You need to get excited about the process if you're going to see this through.


Stay on track.

When was the last time someone told you that their life's purpose was to spend 14 hours a week on Facebook? Probably never, and yet the average millennial spends nearly two hours a day on social media. Sound familiar? In order to live intentionally, it's imperative that you become aware of your time-stealing triggers; that way you can figure out how to avoid them. Many people find it helpful to have an accountability item, such as a sodalite crystal necklace, that symbolizes what you wish to achieve and serves as a constant reminder of your goals. Not only does sodalite promote concentration and focus, but by wearing it on a necklace, you can always keep your intentions close to your heart.

 sodalite healing crystal necklace

Don't succumb to Dogma.

Nobody gets to tell you what you're capable of achieving. Sometimes other people won't agree with your goals, and that's okay. Your purpose is to curate a life that fulfills your deepest desires; not a life that conforms to what other people think you're capable of doing. Remember, the only person that can determine what you can and cannot achieve is you. Intentional living means being true to yourself, staying focused, and being brave enough to pursue a life that doesn't have to make sense to everyone.


Be realistic.

Let's face it; it isn't possible to be "on" all the time. Sometimes you want to watch a movie after work, take a relaxing bath, or catch some waves with your friends. Intentional living doesn't mean depriving yourself of doing the things you enjoy; it means becoming mindful of how you spend your time. There is a big difference between turning on the TV out of boredom and lack of direction, and turning on the TV to watch a new show that you've been anticipating all week. Not only is it okay to carve out some time in your day for leisure and self-care, but it is essential in preventing yourself from burning out.


Are you ready to start your intentional living journey? Drop us a comment and let us know what your goals are for 2019.


Written by: Sera Ansardi

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