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Rouge Wave

Rouge Wave

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Our Rouge wave bracelets hold a special place in our hearts featuring a variety of natural stone crystals. We allow them to really stand out in contrast next to our matte black beads. They are strung on an elastic cord and the beads 8mm in size.

This stunning bracelet is the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Featuring a sleek and modern design that will elevate any outfit. 

This elastic beaded bracelet is very easy to use. Simply stretch it enough to fit your hand through and allow it to settle on your wrist.

You can feel even better about your purchases knowing that proceeds go to support our partners: Loggerhead Marinelife Center & AccesSurf Hawaii. Loggerhead is dedicated to the rehabilitation and protection of endangered sea turtles. AccesSurf has a mission to build “an inclusive community that empowers people with disabilities through accessible beach and water programs”.

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